Fluffy Kittens Playing With Cardboard Box While Their Mom Watches Them | 100k subs Special

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Fluffy Kittens Playing With Cardboard Box While Their Mom Watches over Them. This is 100k special kitten video for you my loyal fans. Thank you.

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Dog PLAYS DEAD to Avoid Going Home While Park Crowd Watches | The Dodo

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Dog Plays Dead To Avoid Going Home | This dog refuses to leave the park — and the crowd is really invested in the outcome. Love Animals? Subscribe:

Credit: Kristen Bohlsen via JukinVideo (

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Ohio officer shoots 5 kittens in family backyard as child watches in horror

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH — A family says their community isn’t safe after an officer shot and killed 5 kittens in their back yard, within 15 feet of a child who watched in horror.

A family of feral cats had created a home inside the family’s woodpile, and they called the Humane Officer to come and remove them. Instead of taking them to another location and euthanizing them, he simply drew his gun and began firing on site.