Vet Volunteer Terri in Thailand (Rescue Paws) – The Global Work & Travel Co. Reviews

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Veterinarian Terri volunteered with us in Thailand a while back helping out with our Rescue Paws project, changing the lives and health conditions of stray dogs in the Hua Hin region.

Since the project started back in 2013 it has achieved tremendous results and achievements with the help of our amazing volunteers, and as the project and the operations are growing there’s even more amazing opportunities to make a real difference as a volunteer!

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RIHANNA – Work ft. Drake (#WITHOUTMUSIC parody)

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UT Veterinary Social Work program to host emotional CPR training

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Veterinary Social Work is conducting an Emotional CPR training event in February. While it’s veterinary-specific, all are welcome. Visit for details. Jan 8, 2019-4pm

Max’s Office Tour | Purina Pets At Work

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On your paws. Get set. GO! Join Max and his owner, Gemma, for a Go Pro tour of Purina’s pet-friendly offices. Watch as Max explores the office and makes himself at home!

We’re proud to have dog-friendly offices, and with over 50 dogs as part of our pack, we’re a real team here at Purina. Having Max at work, along with the rest of the gang, boosts morale in the office, increases productivity and makes work lots of fun with our Purina pooches around.

Our loveable, Labrador-cross Max is always excited to join us at work, especially as he gets the chance to see his canine companions and get lots of fuss throughout the day. He spends time in the office keeping Gemma company, and with two dog parks onsite, he gets the chance to exercise and stretch his legs at playtime too! It’s a breath of fresh air for everyone, as even the Purina staff get a well-deserved break and time outdoors having fun with the dogs.

Take a look and watch Max discover our offices, get lots of attention and put a smile on everyone’s face here at Purina!

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The official video for Two Door Cinema Club’s single ‘Something Good Can Work’, released on 2nd May 2011, and taken from the band’s debut album ‘Tourist History’.

Directed by One In Three:

Stream Two Door Cinema Club on Spotify:

‘Tourist History’ is available now from the following places in the UK:
Rough Trade –
HMV – –
Amazon –

For other countries, you can find retailers here:

North Carolina Work Horse and Mule Association

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J. T. Hoggard held his annual plow day on April 20, 2013 in Bertie County, North Carolina. Rain, the night prior to the event, did not hinder teamsters or visitors from enjoying a great day. Watch a 12 horse, 6 horse, 4 horse and a 3 horse team in action. Take notice of the different people plowing because we had a large number of visitors participating.
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Amazing! Unbelievable Beat The Bomb Get Eel And Big Fish-Cooking And Eating That Work 100%

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Amazing! Unbelievable Beat The Bomb Get Eel And Big Fish-Cooking And Eating That Work 100% Thanks for watch and subscribe Note: The boy and girl are …

Easy Snake Trap Using PVC Pipe & Bamboo – Fantastic Snake Trap Technology That Work 100%

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Easy Snake Trap Using PVC Pipe & Bamboo – Fantastic Snake Trap Technology That Work 100%

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Awesome Python Snake Trap Make From Bucket U90 and PVC Pipe – Easy Snake Trap That Work 100%

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Awesome Python Snake Trap Make From Bucket U90 and PVC Pipe – Easy Snake Trap That Work 100%!

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Why “Reward Based” Dog Training Sometimes Doesn’t Work!

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Susan Garrett shares why “reward based” training (or training your dog without the use of verbal or physical corrections) sometimes doesn’t work and how to make sure you are doing it so it DOES work!